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Triangle Tire Co Ltd was founded in 2001 on the basis of the Weihai tire factory, founded in 1976. Currently, Triangle Tire is one of the leading enterprises in the tire industry in China. The company's product range includes commercial, passenger, industrial, oversized tires, as well as tires for special equipment. To date, Triangle Tire Co Ltd is capable of producing up to 22 million sets of tires per year.

The company has established a state-level Technological Development Center and a Production Technology Center. In America, there is a research station after doctoral studies and its own technical research base.

In 2008, "Triangle Tire Co. Ltd company was awarded the highest state award for achievements in the field of science and technology under the project «Development and implementation of technologies and equipment for the production of radial large tires».

«Triangle Tire Co. Ltd "exists in more than 160 countries and regions of the world, as well as" Triangle Tire Co. Ltd" has opened branches and representative offices in Russia, North America, Europe, India and other countries.




The corporate logo «Nankang Rubber Tire» has been used for more than 55 years. Faced with fierce competition from the global tire industry and following the trends of corporate reforms, in 2010 Nankang began the reconstruction of its "CIS" branding system. Thanks to this new project, Nankang Tire has set a goal to create a new brand image that meets international standards. Following the trends of the times, the company is proud to enter the next glorious century of its corporate history.

The passionate but unshakable letter "N" symbolizes the sustainable business philosophy and corporate spirit of the company "Nankang Rubber Tire". Customer service always comes first.
For more than 55 years, Nankang Rubber Tire has been offering drivers a safe, innovative car with an unbreakable spirit, such as a tire, for driving on the highway, overcoming icy areas or fighting off-road terrain.
From the very beginning, Nankang has developed on five continents and covered more than 100 countries around the world. The leader of the Taiwanese tire industry, Nankang, is now steadily advancing to the global stage with unlimited possibilities.




The Japanese «The Yokohama Rubber Company» is currently one of the world's leading tire manufacturers. The company intensively develops and improves its technologies, actively participating in the FIA World Championships. Yokohama is the sole tire supplier for the World Car Championship (one of the FIA and F1 championships) and actively participates in rally competitions and Le Mans series.

Yokohama tires are supplied as unique equipment for all Japanese automakers and are a real find for many exclusive tuning studios around the world, such as Brabus, AMG, etc.

Yokohama summer and winter tires are tested at the world-famous test sites Nurburgring (Germany), Ivalo (Finland), TiMARI (Japan), DiPARK (Japan), etc. before launching into mass production.

All this suggests that Yokohama tires are a product of impeccable quality, which every car enthusiast can join.